Citroen Diagnostics

This diagnostic tool is called Lexia3 and allows you to perform complete diagnostics of all Citroen models from 1992 to present


This is the exact same tool that all the main dealers use and we can do the exact same diagnostics as them.


Some advanced options like tyre pressure sensors indicate you have a flat tyre when you dont telling you to stop. To replace these sensors it’s £100 a wheel. We re-configure your BSi unit that controls this to turn it off and you can check your tyres manually saving you a lot of money. Only a Citroen mechanic can do this.


There is a lot more can be turned off like this so your display does not beep and source faults that are not there.


Diagnostics are performed via OBD-II connector (which is located near steering wheel) or via manufacturer-specific connector (only older cars, pre-2001).


Please Note: To do some of the functions like coding keys and remotes and programming ECU’s you need to have the KEY ACCESS CODE which is usually in your service pack on a card the size of a credit card. If you do not have this some of the special functions are not possible. If you do not have this we can obtain it from Citroen for £25.


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