Airbag Modules

We are now able to repair and reprogram your blown airbag computer module. The SRS, derm, sensor, or brain as it is sometimes called. We clear both the fault and crash codes.

If your car airbag system has the following symptoms then you may not need to spend lots of money on a new module:

  • Your airbag has been deployed
  • Your airbag light is flashing
  • Your diagnostic tool is reading CRASH DATA STORED, ECU ERROR or DTC 65535 in the airbag computer
  • Discharged battery and/or by jump starting attempts
  • Whilst driving normally unnoticed voltage peaks into the on-board power supply can cause this error
  • Even if you have not had a crash and the light is on, then this can be a internal module error
  • Even if you buy a new module you will have pay for the module and recoding. Diagnostic Tools WILL NOT clear these codes.

    Air bags and air bag modules are designed to only work once. The air bags need to be replaced with un-deployed air bags but the blown air bag module can now be repaired.

    Dealerships can clear the fault or error codes from your computer module, but not the crash codes. This can only be cleared by replacing the unit with a new one.

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