Kess v2 ECU Remapping

Kess V2 TuningThe Alientech Kess v2 is the latest and most advanced tuning / remapping system to hit the market with many features listed below. These tuning tools are the most professional and of the highest quality.

They are capable of reading and writing the latest versions of ECU, EDC17 and MED17 as well all of the older versions.


KESSv2 supports the following communication lines:

• CAN bus
• J1850 Protocol (Ford)

The connection between KESSv2 and the vehicle takes place using special wiring provided according to the operation needed.


The features below ensure safety while reading and writing files on the ECU:
• Battery voltage display in real time
• Full Recovery mode
• Automatic Checksum where available


The Kess v2 software is easy and professional it is available in many languages. Updates are completely automatic, no need to return your hardware to update it.

KESSv2 Software also offers many EXTRAS to improve its performances:
• Boot-Loader mode
• Management of the programming counters
• Ability to remove most DTC


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