Mileage correction becomes necessary when the digital speedometer mileage display shows a reading which you know to be incorrect. can help by electronically adjusting and reset the instrument cluster to show the true, correct value.

Why Would I Require a Digital Mileage Adjustment Service?

There are many reasons why you might require your mileage adjusted, for example, if:

  • the battery was discharged and the vehicle required jump-starting
  • the dashboard may have been damaged in an accident/collision or through vandalism
  • the dashboard may have developed an electrical fault
  • new engine has been fitted to the vehicle

In these examples, the corruption/loss of the information held in the EEPROM may mean that the mileage displayed on the digital odometer is now incorrect.

You might therefore purchase either a new or second hand instrument cluster. What happens? If it’s a new one it will have 0 miles on it. If it’s a second hand one it could have 90,000 miles on it. Since it is practically impossible to find one with your exact mileage, you will most likely need to have it calibrated and adjusted to your original mileage reading.

Other typical problems include faulty gauges that need replacing, in this case it can be more cost effective to replace the dashboard clocks with a second hand one from a breakers. The mileage on the dashboard would then need matching to the vehicle’s mileage so the correct value is displayed.

Imported cars often need their mileage adjusted to display the miles value instead of the Kilometers.

Can copy the mileage out of a non-functional or damaged cluster?

In most cases we can extract the mileage information/data from your faulty digital cluster even if it does not power-up or if the display is non-functional/damaged. Once the data has been extracted it can be transferred to another speedometer.

Work involved in performing Mileage Correction

Mileage adjustment can either be diagnostic i.e. we can plug a cable into the car’s on board diagnostic system (OBD2) and program the EEPROM with the new mileage, or for some cars it may be necessary to remove the instrument cluster and then plug a connector onto the back of the dashboard.

There are different versions of digital speedos depending on the manufacturer and some need stripping down so that the chip on the board can be programmed directly via a special connector.

The time it takes for dashboard calibration varies according to the model and the amount of work involved to remove the dash this is reflected in the mileage correction price that we quote you.

Where can I have Digital Mileage Correction done?

Depending on where you live and the vehicle we can usually perform this at your work/residence or at a suitable meeting point. We have fully equipped mobile workshops or you can bring your car to us.

How much does Mileage Adjustment cost?

Prices start from around £50 and vary according to the complexity of the work involved. Discounts may be available for multiple vehicles. Additional charges may apply for call outs to outer areas to cover additional fuel and travel time. Prices will always be confirmed at the time of booking.

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